Researcher in Hellenic Agricultural Organization "DEMETER" 

Dr. Panagiotis Tziachris

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Dr. Panagiotis Tziachris is a researcher at Soil and Water Resources Institute, Hellenic Agricultural Organization - Demeter with the subject of "Geospatial information - New technologies in the agricultural sector". He holds a master's degree in analysis, design and management of spatial data and a doctoral degree in the national spatial data information (NSDI) from the Department of Agronomy & Surveying Engineers of AUTh. He has been working for ELGO-DIMITRA as the head of the Department of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 2002, and since 2017 as a researcher. At the same time he has been teaching Geographic Information Systems at the TEI of Central Macedonia for 12 years. 

His scientific interests are geospatial data management, geostatistics, online GIS (WEB GIS), machine learning in soil and water resources. He has more than 30 publications in international /national journals and conference proceedings and has been selected as a reviewer in 6 SCI journals. He has participated in over 30 national and international programs. He is currently the coordinator of 2 national programs of ELGO-DIMITRA and a working package leader in a European program (ARIMNET 2).

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